Saturday, 22 December 2012

Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo¦ XXL Volume

I'm sure most of you reading this have either bought Batiste or have heard of it before. If not, it is a Dry Shampoo! What it does is, when we're having those days where we either don't have time to wash our hair or it needs a little freshening up, spray Batiste onto your hair, and you will be left with hair that is freshened up, like you've washed it! It does the job for the odd day here and there, but is not to be used all the time!!

Batiste XXL Volume

I have been super busy lately- preparing for Christmas, baking Christmas goodies, shopping, pampering my skin etc, that I have had to skip washing my hair for a day, every so often. When this day comes, where my hair is slightly oily, needs a wash, but I have no time to do the above, I call on Batiste!

I had been using the original one the odd day, here and there, but was not too keen on how it worked for me. Since then I have discovered another product in their range called "XXL Volume". This product I have loved more than the original one, as it smells really fresh, and gives something we all are guilty of liking... a bit of VOLUME!!

The Dry Shampoos from Batiste refresh your hair and get rid of any excess oil in your hair. I mostly apply it to the roots of my hair and then spray a little all over my hair. At first, this product does leave a white residue on your hair, but you need to brush through your hair and style it with your fingers to remove this residue. I assure you, you are not left with any white or grey residue on the hair if you ruffle through your hair with your fingers and brush through it after. Make sure not to apply too much as you could be in a bit of bother then!! There are more detailed instructions on exactly what to do on the back of the bottle, so if you do buy it, make sure to check them out prior to use.

The difference this one has, compared to the original is that this one provides volume to your hair. You will not be left looking like you have a lion's main, but rather a slight lift and bounce to your hair. It is really what I have been looking for, on those days in between washes. Whether I have straightened my hair or it is naturally wavy, the little bit of volume on top, does it for me. I then have a bit of volume on my roots, clean freshened hair, to take me through or tie me over till the next day when I wash it.

 One thing I will say is that, using Dry Shampoo, you are left with a slight 'textured' feel to your hair, which is not the most pleasant. It definitely doesn't feel 'clean' like it would after you washed it, but if you are willing to put up with the feel of your hair, until the next day when you wash it, this is an essential for your dressing table!

Batiste have numerous stockists around the UK and Ireland and all over the world. From your local supermarket to your local chemist/pharmacy. Also check out the whole product range here. They do Dry Shampoos for different coloured hair if you didn't want any volume, and you will not be left with any white residue if you use these particular ones. 

Dry Shampoo is a really great product to have on your shelf for those days and is great value for money also (approx. €3 a bottle!!) They now also have mini travel-sizes for your handbag! 

Have you tried Batiste? Have you tried the XXL Volume one? Let me know your thoughts!


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Review: Bio-Oil

After all the hype, here are my thoughts on Bio-Oil...

Some facts...
  • Bio-Oil has been proven to have beauty benefits aswell as the known benefits for stretch marks.
  • Many celebrities have tried and love this product:
 Kim Kardashian "It prevents wrinkles around my eyes and stretch marks over my body"

 Tess Daly "One of my can't live-without beauty staples is this super-hydrating Bio-Oil..I wouldn't be without it"

  •  Bio-Oil is preservative-free and is not tested on animals *bonus!*

I have used Bio-Oil as part of my skin care regime for a few months now. I wanted to give it a proper trial and see what my thoughts were. I have used it on my face and all over my body. Once a week, I applied it to my face (a thin layer) in place of my regular moisturiser. Then about twice a week I apply it all over my skin, after a shower. 

It can be used for stretch marks, dehydrated skin (especially during winter), aged skin, scars and uneven skin tones. 
Bio-Oil contains Vitamin A and E and absorbs really easily (bonus for when you're in a rush). 
Bio-Oil absorbs easily and dries within a minute. It is non-greasy, which to be honest, I was worried about! A friend of mine who was away in the sun for some time, and tans very easily, uses it after her showers or baths to prolong her tan, and she told me it has worked for her. Her tan has lasted and she is home 10 weeks!

Bio-Oil can also be used on cracked or dry elbows or on your cuticles. 

For best results Bio-Oil should be applied twice daily for a minimum of 3 months.

Bio-Oil, for sure, has become a staple in my beauty and skincare regime! If you are interested in trying some out for yourself, it is available from Dunnes Stores, Superquinn, Boots, and pharmacies nationwide. 

For more information on this product, check out the Bio-Oil website.

60ml RSP €9.99
125ml RSP €17.99
200ml RSP €22.99


Friday, 9 November 2012

Inglot Bloggers Event

I had an event to go to this week. A bloggers event. Even better, an Inglot Bloggers Event. 

I was looking forward to meeting some of my lovely bloggers and seeing the new Christmas Collection from Inglot. 

Below is the Christmas Collection from Inglot:

L-R: 221,222,223,224,225.

I love the metallic collection of nail polishes. I'm going to be embracing metallic nails for sure this festive season! Whether it be just on my ring finger nail teaming silver and red or going all out!

We had a time to have a look around the store, and if you haven't been to an Inglot store, get down to your nearest one ASAP! It is such a bright open space, filled with colourful products. 

We were given goodie bags when we arrived in store. Here are the AMAZING contents:

One of the new Nail Polishes- Shade 221
YSM Foundation Sample
AMC Eye Shadow-No 66 (This shimmery purple I will definitely wear with a smokey eye and I think it will look well with my green eyes! 
2 of the New Freedom Rainbow Eyeshadows- No.130 and 122.
(AND the new love of my life) Inglot Sleeks Cream- No 103.

Here is a picture of me wearing the new lip cream. 

As I said on my Twitter this is a beautiful vibrant red for Christmas time especially. It has a beautiful glossy finish and I'll definitely be checking out the other shades from this line!

Thank you to Inglot for inviting me to this event. I had such a lovely evening and I think I have discovered some new makeup pieces I'm going to love! 

Here's to a new found love INGLOT !!!

The new Christmas 2012 collection is out in stores and is definitely worth a check! 

They have stores in Dundrum, Blanchardstown, Limerick and Belfast.


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday Evening Routine

I love nothing more than a Sunday night in.

Relax, pamper, watch some good Sunday night TV and eat some munchies! These are the kind of things I like to get up to on a Sunday evening in.

Below are some of the essentials to my PERFECT evening in!

  • Cosy PJ's 
  • Makeup off
  • Give my skin a thorough cleansing and a nice treatment and moisturiser before bed.
  • Nail treatment 
  • X-Factor on the TV
  • And some munchies!

I just love to relax and unwind and spend some quality time with family and friends.

Then sleep!


Let me know your Sunday evening routine!!!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Inglot's Birthday Weekend

This weekend, it is someone's birthday!!........

This weekend INGLOT are celebrating their first birthday in their Blanchardstown and Limerick stores.

There are so many fabulous offers in store on the day:

  • 10% off ALL STOCK on Saturday
  • Buy 2 Nail Enamels, Get the 3rd FREE
  • 50% off round eyeshadow palettes

"INGLOT’s fourth and fifth stores in Ireland, Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and Crescent Shopping Centre Limerick will celebrate one year in business this Saturday, 20th October.  As a result, they are celebrating with lots of special offers for their customers such 10% off all day; 3 for 2 on nail enamels; 50% off round eye shadow palettes and lots more.  Why not drop in and wish the girls a happy birthday, with bargains galore on offer, it’ll feel like your birthday!" Inglot, 2012.

I remember being at the opening of the store in Blanchardstown in October last year, and it was a really fun-filled day with so many goodies on the day. So be sure to check it out, if you can. 

Their store in Blanchardstown is in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre (087-6226392) and the Limerick store is in The Crescent Shopping Centre (087-1952355), so be sure to give them a buzz if you have any queries.

It will be any beauty girls dream, with makeovers etc. and a really enjoyable atmosphere so be sure to head along!!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Disappointing Products

Usually I'm quite lucky with products. By that I mean, I usually get along with most beauty products, as I have done the research prior to purchase. I spent quite a considerable amount of time reading reviews from my fellow Beauty Bloggers, and trust what they say. I try and make sure, that a product is suitable for my skin, is what I'm looking for, and does its' job, before purchasing, so hence I am happy with most beauty purchases!

But there is always one! (in this case two!!)

  • Simple's Eye Makeup Remover

I bought this makeup remover, as it claims to be 'kind to eyes', has 'no perfume/colour' and is suitable for sensitive eyes. I have very sensitive skin and any vigorous rubbing or friction, results in a red face! My eyes are no exception. I had tried the Simple skincare range before, i.e. the face wash etc. and it worked for me as a gentle wash, so I decided to purchase the Eye Makeup Remover. But unfortunately the experience I had was not what I had expected.
                Upon use I had a bad reaction with this product. I did as I was meant to, applied it to a cotton pad, and placed it on my eye and gently rubbed it in. But immediately it didn't feel right. I felt a burning in my eye. Some of the excess product had gotten into my eye and was burning and stinging my eyes :-( . My eyes went  slightly red and began welling up!
                After wiping my eyes clean with water, the stinging persisted. At this stage, perhaps 5 minutes later, they began streaming with water! After trying to clean my eyes with water and refreshing eye drops, the burning did stop.

I was so disappointed  in this product, as it had many things going for it- easy application etc. , but it didn't work for me. I'm not sure is it just my 'extra' sensitive eyes, or this particular bottle, but it's not for me.

After asking for some advice from my fellow bbloggers (beauty bloggers) on Twitter, Elaine from Bespoke Beauty recommended Toleriane from La Roche-Posay, so that has been a purchase I have made in the last few days. Hopefully I have more luck with that product!

  • 'The Wave' Neutrogena 

I purchased this some months back, as a cleanser, but unfortunately this product has not produced results for  me. I found the small cotton pad didn't foam up, when I wet it. While rubbing it on my face, I didn't find it did anything for my skin, and didn't foam up on my skin. After wetting my skin and the pad again, and trying to get the pad to foam up, but nothing worked. I didn't find it gave my skin a thorough clean. I was won over by the TV commercial, but when I bought it, it didn't do the job. I have tried this many times with the pads that were included in the pack, but it has never produced results for me. Such a shame as I had high expectations for this!

Have you had an experience similar to mine, with either of these products? Please share your experiences!


Monday, 1 October 2012

Face Of The Day #1

This is my first FOTD. Here are the contents:

Origins Mega Mushroon Moisturiser
MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15~ Medium
YSL Touche Éclat
Collection 2000~ Clear Brow Gel
Avon Eyeshadow Palette~ Little Red Dress (Dark brown for eyebrows, and other 3 all over my lid)
No7 Eyelash Curler
E.L.F Gel Eyeliner~ Black
No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara
MAC Iridescent Pressed Powder~ Belightful
NYX Blush~ Taupe
17 Blush & Glow~ Peaches and Cream
Lush Lip Scrub~ Bubblegum
MAC 217
Avon~ Flat Eyeshadow Brush
Angled Eye Brush

I hope you all enjoyed my autumnal inspired neutral makeup look. 

Let me know if you would like to see more of these type of posts!


M.I.A... Where have you been?!

If any of you have noticed I have been Missing in Action on my blog for a short while and I am very sorry! 

Since my last post was my Holiday Post, I have got back and had a busy busy few weeks. I got back and I'm sure you all know how hectic it is when you come home from holidays! Washing..Tidying..Unpacking..More washing.. you get the jist!

So along with all the post-holiday blues I then had to prepare for my return to University after the summer. That has been a stressful process choosing subjects etc., so honestly I just have had no time to blog, which I really did miss. :( 

But here I am now, typing my new post, so this is a good sign! I hope to blog as often as I can, and juggle my studies aswell! But I am looking forward to all the excitement in the blogging world leading up to Christmas! I do love Christmas!

Tell me what your most looking forward to this Christmas and this Autumn/Winter.
I love all the Christmas inspired products and all the gift sets in some of my favourite shops like The Body Shop and Boots! *Que the upcoming Hauls*!!!


Saturday, 25 August 2012


Image Source- Google Images

This is just a short blog post to let you all know that I am off on my holidays for 2 weeks and I won't be uploading any blog posts, while I'm away. I hope you all have a nice few weeks, whatever you're doing, but I for one, definitely need this break away.
I will have some holiday related blog posts up when I'm home, so you can look forward to them!

Feel free to contact me on Twitter or on by email, and I will get back to you, as soon as I can.


Monday, 20 August 2012

Beauty Swap with Mel! (PART 2)

Following on from Part 1, here are the rest of the goodies I got sent from Mel....

  1. Essie- Fiji / LOOK Beauty-Nail Pop¦ Bling
This combo has been my "go-to"nails this summer. Essie's Fiji was one I had be longing to get for a while now, and was so pleasantly surprised to see it in package! I'm sure most of you know what it looks like, but it is just a lovely milky baby pink. With a few coats it has lasted me a week, (and that's without a top coat!) This is my 1st nail polish from Essie and it does live up to its estimation in my opinion! Definitely worth the hype, and I can't wait to try more of their shades!
Essie 'Fiji', and 'Bling' (ring finger).

Bling, from LOOK Beauty with a few coats, is a really pretty intense glittery colour. The pink glitter, used as a top coat on any nail polish or on its own, is really pretty. I love the above combo! Again a wise choice from Mel as LOOK Beauty can't be got in Ireland.

       2. Impress Nails- Press-on Manicure¦ KISS& TELL 

Again another hyped about product, which I as yet haven't tried. These Impress Nails are raved about and I am looking forward to trying. I do sometimes like the look of false nails, but feel if not filed down, can look too obvious and "false", a look I don't like. I also dislike the thought of the nail glue on your nail bed, so these press on ones are right up my street! I'll let you know how I get on with them!

       3. NYX- Matte Lip Cream¦ Antwerp

I have not used this yet, but from the below swatch you can see how pigmented it is. It is a bright pinky/red lip cream, which is velvety to touch. I am looking forward to using this bright colour, to add a pop of brightness to any look. It is actually coming off quite red in the image but it is more pink than it looks!

LEFT- Yogurt. RIGHT- Antwerp

         4. NYX- Jumbo Eye Pencil¦ Yogurt

This NYX Eye pencil i haven't got to use yet either but is a nice taupe/champagne/pink-pearl colour, and I hope to use it as a base for a smokey eye, or on its own for a more neutral eye makeup look. I will let you know how I get on with them, as always, but I am excited to try the Jumbo Eye Pencils, which are literally loved all over the beauty community!

Mel thank you again for the opportunity to do this swap, and I hope you enjoyed it. 

You guys should definitely check out Melanie- 
YouTube- HERE
Facebook page- HERE
Twitter page- HERE
Instagram- @melwrightmua             

Check out her video of what I got her-

I really enjoyed doing this swap, and I hope you all enjoyed reading about it.

Sarah X

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Beauty Swap with Mel! (PART 1)

A Brief Intro..

Awhile back, over a month now, I posted a tweet on my Twitter page HERE, looking for anyone interested in doing a beauty swap. I live in Ireland and a lot of beauty products that are UK based, cannot be got here. There were some brands in particular I had been wanting to try out for some time and I thought, why not do a swap with someone and let them try some of our Irish goodies also!

So I got a response from a girl called Melanie, whom I did not previously know. I was so thrilled to get a response. We talked over and back on twitter for some time and arranged to go ahead with the swap.

Melanie lives in Scotland and has a YouTube channel and has just recently qualified as a makeup artist. (Congratulations Mel!) She is very good at what she does and brings her personality into all her videos, which I love! You should definitely check out her channel!

(On a side note I am going to do this swap in 2 parts, as the lovely Mel sent me quite a few things, and in my opinion is too much for 1 Blog Post!) 

You guys should definitely check out Melanie- 
YouTube- HERE
Facebook page- HERE
Twitter page- HERE         
Instagram- @melwrightmua                  

On with the Swap..

Here is the little bag full of goodies and a card also!

All the products I was sent.

  1. MUA- Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette

I was excited to use this as it is a dupe for the Naked Palette, which I already have. MUA is a really affordable makeup brand which is stocked in Superdrug in the UK and in Northern Ireland. I have tried some of the single MUA eyeshadows in the past and find them really pigmented but I have never got to try this. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS- There are no matte shades and the darker shades are more pigmented than the lighter shades, but I do really like the palette and am looking forward to testing it against my Naked Palette!

       2. Glam Republic- Illusion Eyes¦ Eyeliner Appliqués

I have never heard of these before or seen anything like them, but am super excited to try them out. I love the idea as it means no smudged eyeliner! I believe you can get them in Superdrug, but again, not possible for me to get hold of them, so a good choice by Melanie!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS- Looking forward to trying these out, on my next night out.

      3. Look Beauty- Loud Lips¦ Tangerine Cream (Shade 2)

This lipstick is exactly how I imagined it to be. I had read about on some blogs and I have been looking for a  peachy-coral-tangerine colour to wear on a fresh summery day and I'm really excited to use this. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS- I will team this with a nice light brown smokey eye, on a fresh summers day! (If we ever get one!)

     4. NYX- Lipliner¦ Fuschsia

Another lip product, and one which I was looking forward to teaming with my pink lipsticks. I specifically requested a few things off Mel, that I have been longing to try out. This, I just think is the closest fuchsia colour lip liner I have found that matches my brighter pink lipstick. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS- I hope to use this with my NYC lipstick in Blue Rose, which featured in my July Favourites here


That is all I am featuring in PART 1, but keep an eye out for PART 2, which will be up shortly!

I hope you enjoyed looking through what I got, as much as I did receiving them, so thanks again Mel. 

'Till PART 2,
Sarah X

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Favourites!

These are the products I have been loving using during the month of July...

If you are not aware of what monthly favourites are, basically at the end of each month, you discuss what products you have been loving using during the month. Some of them may be new finds, others old faves!

This month I have been enjoying a variety of products, from beauty to fitness and lifestyle.

Estée Lauder- Perfectly Clean Foaming Cleanser
  • I think I have found a cleanser that really works for my skin. This particular one was a sample from a gift bag I bought and is for Normal/Combination Skin. I just wet my face slightly, apply this cleanser, let it foam up, work it into my face and leave it for a few minutes. Then I remove it with a damp muslin cloth and it literally slides off my face. I also feel that if you 'work' it into your face, it thoroughly cleans out your pores, and they are makeup free, leaving your skin to 'breath'. Result!

The Body Shop- Shea Beautifying Oil*
  • This is one of the beautifying oils from The Body Shop. It is a lightweight dry oil that can be used on the face, body and hair. So far I have only used this on the ends of my hair really, to just give the ends a bit of nourishment, and it really works wonders. I find that after using it my hair is soft and silky and really thanks me for it! I also put a light layer of it on my body after a bath/shower. The smell from this one is beautiful!

The Body Shop- Body Massager and Spa Fit Toning Massage Oil
  • I have been loving use this combination together after my bath. Using a body scrub of choice I massage the scrub in using the handheld massager. I apply the toning massage oil  and rub it into my skin in circular motions. The smell is the beautiful and fresh, and also smells of yummy citrus fruits, bonus! I have been really into using these products for the perfect toned summer skin.

NYC- 'Blue Rose' Lipstick

  • This lipstick, which I only recently bought and was featured in my previous haul, has been a staple for me this summer. I love the deep fuchsia colour and really glams up your look, on a night out! The blue undertones in this lipstick make your teeth appear whiter. BONUS! :)

AVON- Sleeptherapy Pillow Mist
  • This is a pillow mist which you are meant to spray on your pillow! (Would you have guessed?!!) I use this on my pillow and on my bed linen. I'm unsure as to whether I get a better nights sleep when I use this, but I sorely use it for the smell. It is AMAZING! I could literally spray all over me, every day! It is approx. €6, but Avon do have special offers on this range quite often, and I think I got mine for €3! Another bonus is that the smell lasts for numerous nights, with only a few sprays. I have this bottle over 6months now and am probably only half way through!

That's it guys for my July Favourites! 
Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you think!

Sarah X

Monday, 30 July 2012

My Travel Makeup Bag

Here is what is inside my Travel Makeup Bag:

I am heading away this weekend for work, and have decided to show you what I am bringing with me. It is only for a few days so I am trying to only bring what I know I will use, basically the makeup pieces I know work for me!
Makeup Bag- Next

The Body Shop- Sample of Vitamin E Moisturiser

Boots Face SPF 50 

Rimmel Lasting Finish 16HR Foundation

Lily Lolo Foundation sample
 (I mix both shade Blondie and In the Buff)

YSL Touche Éclat

Avon Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette- Little Red Dress ¦Hollywood 
(Eyebrows-Matte Brown)

Collection Brow Gel

Lily Lolo Mineral Eye Colour ¦Sand Dune

E.L.F Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

17 Eye Dazzle ¦Star Crossed
(inner eye/tear duct)

Rimmel Bronzer ¦Medium Matte

17 Blush&Glow ¦Peaches and Cream

MAC Iridescent Pressed Powder ¦Belightful
(eyebrow/face highlight)

I have only featured one small eyeshadow brush here as it's the only one that will fit in my makeup bag. But I am also bringing my brush roll which contains a mixture of face and eye brushes. 

Some of you may have noticed I have no lip products, but I am going to bring my Korres Lip Butter in Guava.

Hope you enjoyed looking inside My Travel Makeup Bag, and if you would like to look inside my Skincare Bag, or what brushes I am bringing, do let me know!

Sarah X

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Collective Haul

Hello, Me again!

"Will I, Won't I?".......
                        .........These were my thoughts on whether I should blog my recent purchases to you all, and if you're reading this, it means I have!

Since breaking for the Summer from College/University, I have been doing some shopping, naturally! I long for the summer days where I can go shopping freely and have no other ties. So I decided to take advantage of these days and do a spot of shopping! As I always say, "don't put off 'till tomorrow, what you can do today", so I'm not one to hang around and say "I'll do it next week". Any day off I had, I took, and went shopping, as you never know what'll happen tomorrow! (I understand I am rambling.. Sorry! On to the interesting bits!..)

This haul is a collective one, which contains pieces I have collected over the last couple of weeks!

First up are some H&M earrings. Would you believe it that his is the first piece of jewellery I have bought from H&M, ever! Where have I been?! I was drawn to them by their turquoise stone. I think the turquoise, gold and brown go really well together. I hope to wear these with a maxi dress or with any outfit, this summer! They also only cost €4.95, bargain!

While in H&M I also found a cute pair of sandles for summer, which were on sale also. They came in black, green and white,and I chose the white! It was between the white and the black, as I wanted a pair of comfy sandles that would go with most things, so I left the green. Then the decision to choose between black or white, but I went with white, rather than a dull black pair! I am just a bit dubious about how long they'll stay clean, but I'll try my best! They have a back panel with some support. They were reduced from €19.95 to €7, which was quite a bargain! You'd pay that in Penneys and I am hoping they will be more comfortable! Here is the link to them on the website, where it still says they are €19.95?! But definitely check in your nearest store as they are reduced. I spotted them reduced in two separate stores! ;) I will definitely be going into H&M next time I am out! It has come on in my opinion, as I never foundanything nice in there before! Go you H&M!! Great bargains to be had!

With the hope of getting away this summer, I thought it wise to purchase a sun protectant for my lips. I think we all tend to forget about the sun damage that is done to our lips. We all go out and buy an expensive foundation or moisturiser, for our faces, with a high SPF and our bodies alike,  but forget about our lips. This one I picked up was on offer in my local Boots, and has an SPF 30. Here it is on the UK site. I am pleased to report that it is a clear balm stick, which comes out clear. It is not a white chalky stick, like I remember using as a child on holidays! It also was €2.75 in Boots, which is good value! I think I might go in and buy another, and throw one in my beach bag and handbag!

Also in Boots I picked up more lip products! You may gather after reading this that I have been lip obsessed lately and have been into buying lots of lip products! I purchased this next lipstick, without reading any reviews on it. I was browsing in Boots, one day, passing time (dangerous for me!) and found myself looking through the Natural Collection stand in Boots. This lipstick is one from the Moisture Shine range and is called Pink Orchid. It is a really pretty pearl pink, and goes really well with a tan! It cost €3.09. I know the packaging on Natural Collection can be quite cheap looking but I think for the product you can get, it is worth the "naff" white packaging in your makeup bag!      

After hearing Zoella (a.k.a Zoe) share her love for the more orange or coral coloured lipsticks I decided I had to get one! This next lipstick, by No7 in Boots, I purchased with my €7.50 off voucher. It is in the Stay Perfect range, shade 75, Gay Geranium and cost approx €5 something, with the voucher off. I have never bought a No7 lipstick before, but these are so moisturising and creamy to put on (should I say, glide on!) I really love the coral/orange colour for summer! I have even been channeling it on my nails! You should go check out this range of lipsticks by No7, as I really recommend them! I think I will be buying some more!

A final purchase I have from Boots is a Hawaiian Tropic, Protective Dry Spray Oil (SPF 20). I had to purchase this on memories alone. I have such fond memories of using this years ago, as a child on sun holidays, and I adore the coconut smell. It is sun holidays in a bottle for me! For years I had never seen it, and when I spotted it in Boots a while ago, literally, the memories came flooding back! After seeing it first, a couple of months back, and recognising it, I went home and did some research on it. I had only remembered the bottle from holidays as a child and had not remembered it's purpose, or what it was used for! So I read up about it and decided I needed it in my life, especially if going on a sun holiday. It is a Dry Oil Spray for your body, with an SPF of 20. I purchased the one with SPF 20, which as far as I could see, was the highest SPF they had. As my Mum would say, it is a product to be used on "your second week" of the holiday. We used it more so on the 2nd week, where you have some colour already. This is supposed to prolong your colour, aswell as provide a Sun Protectant Factor. This cost €17.29. Next time you're in Boots, if you like than sun holiday smell/coconut smell, you have to smell it! Check out their full range of products here. 

Next up is an NYC Lipstick in the shade Blue Rose. I had heard a lot about this lipstick recently and how it has blue undertones in the lipstick, which makes your teeth appear whiter! (BONUS!) It is a deep fuchsia pink, with blue undertones, and simple to say but I really like it! Check it out, it is only approx €2/€3. I am unsure as I bought it in Superdrug in Norther Ireland recently for £1 something, but it is definitely available in Ireland. Check out any NYC counter, in Penneys or in Pharmacies nationwide.

Finally, my last beauty product was another purchase in which I did no research into! Usually if I see something of interest to me I'll read reviews on it and see what people have thought. This just caught my eye, in Superdrug. It is the Maybelline 10hr Tint Gloss in the shade Forever Fuchsia. It is a deep berry pink gloss, which stays on the lips for a long time! (Not sure if it is 10hours though?! I didn't really count!) The smell is so fruity brightens up any makeup look! I am unsure of the price on this one also, but it is in and around €9.

As you can probably see I have bought a lot of lip products recently, most of them being pink! But it is summer after all! I have decided seen as the weather is not in a summery mood, i would make some purchases, to put me in the mood for summer!

What beauty products remind you of summer? Have you bought any of these recently?

Sarah X

Monday, 21 May 2012

GLOSSYBOX: April 2012 The Natural Box-Review


Hello,  Me again!

Today I'm going to review the April GLOSSYBOX which I got a couple of weeks back. I do realise it is May and I am late but I've had exams so am only getting round to it now! Better late than never, eh?! Also in Ireland we only received them, along with the delay of the May Bank Holiday weekend it was the 9th of May before I received mine!

This also, is my FIRST GLOSSYBOX. I had been continuously reading reviews myself and decided I'd jump on the bandwagon and purchase this months! (Well last months, now!)

Anyway, this edition was "The Natural Beauty Box" emphasing the element of Nature/Organic products, which is something I am interested in, so it was perfect.

Here is what was included in my box:
Caudalíe SOS Serum 
INIKA Lip Liner
Ayuuri Body Wash
Figs & Rouge Lip Balm
YES! Nurse Hand Cream

Firstly, I have never heard of some of these brands before, which made me a little apprehensive, but excited still! I've heard of Figs & Rouge and Caudalíe before, but not the rest!

First up is the Caudalíe Serum. This is a "thirst quenching" Serum, to be used on the face and neck. It has a light fresh smell, and I've used to under my moisturiser, as it says, if the evening. So far I've not noticed a difference but it's only been a few days. If I like it, it will be featured in my Products I'm Loving Right Now post, probably at the end of the month. It is "plant-based" and is meant to provide hydration to the face/neck. This is a 10ml sample, retailing at £29.00/30ml.

Next is the Ayuuri Natural Body Wash. I've never heard of this brand before, but was excited to try it. It is a 200ml, which is quite a generous size. I usually don't like the smell of Rose scented products, but this is definitely not the standard "Rose" smell, if you get me! It smells amazing, and has Aloe Vera and Jasmine! Looking forward to using it regularly, but the yummy smell makes me instantly liked it! I presume it is a standard Body Wash, but I hope the smell is long-lasting! £4.95 for this 200ml bottle.

Also I received a Figs &Rouge Lip Balm. I initially thought it was just for the lips, but it says on the packaging it's for lips, face and Body! Interesting! I got the Cherry &Vanilla scented one and it is very moisturising! This retails at £3.29 for this 8ml tin.

Next up is the Organic INIKA lip liner! It comes in a mauve/nude colour, which I'll use with more nude/neutral lipsticks. It is nice and creamy and am looking forward to using it! The top line is coming across quite brown/dark in the swatch, it's not that dark! It is more wearable than it looks! £11.95 for this Lip Liner.

Here is the swatch of the lip liner.

Lastly in this box, came a Hand Cream. I'm looking forward to trying this as I do suffer from dry hands sometimes! It is by the company YES! Nurse, another I've never heard of! This smells DIVINE, really light and fresh. It contains Manuka Honey, and contains Almond extract. The smell is quite like cucumber scented, fresh and light! (I'm really not the best at describing smells!!) The packaging it came in is really funky and I really like it.

So that is the April 2012 GLOSSYBOX. If you've got it also, did you like all the products? What is your favourite?

If you want to subscribe to this beauty box idea, go check out Glossybox 's website! It works out at approx €13-€14  to be sent to Ireland.

Thank you for reading my review and opinions on the box, and I do hope you've enjoyed it!

Sarah X

She's back?!

Hi Hi,

Hope you're all well.
I've been thinking of re-kindling my blog for a while now, and had been so busy with exams, but the time has finally come where I feel I am going to begin writing again.
I only want to feel passionalte about what I write, and I believe I do now, so I will write!

I hope to have up a "What I'm loving" post shortly, so please do bear with me!

Thank you for reading,