Monday, 1 October 2012

M.I.A... Where have you been?!

If any of you have noticed I have been Missing in Action on my blog for a short while and I am very sorry! 

Since my last post was my Holiday Post, I have got back and had a busy busy few weeks. I got back and I'm sure you all know how hectic it is when you come home from holidays! Washing..Tidying..Unpacking..More washing.. you get the jist!

So along with all the post-holiday blues I then had to prepare for my return to University after the summer. That has been a stressful process choosing subjects etc., so honestly I just have had no time to blog, which I really did miss. :( 

But here I am now, typing my new post, so this is a good sign! I hope to blog as often as I can, and juggle my studies aswell! But I am looking forward to all the excitement in the blogging world leading up to Christmas! I do love Christmas!

Tell me what your most looking forward to this Christmas and this Autumn/Winter.
I love all the Christmas inspired products and all the gift sets in some of my favourite shops like The Body Shop and Boots! *Que the upcoming Hauls*!!!


1 comment:

  1. The most important thing that I look forward to on Christmas is shopping for the gifts and giving them to my loved ones and see how their faces glow on recieving gifts.