Friday, 28 June 2013

Designer Sunglasses?

Ray Ban sunglasses are an investment. They do have an above-average price tag, but that's what's to be expected with designer sunglasses. I have been eyeing up the collections from Ray Ban for years now, trying to decide which ones are my favourite. I have finally decided that I am going to invest in some Ray Ban Wayfarers!

I know that there are some stores across Ireland (few and far between) and in the airports which sell Ray Ban sunglasses and many other designers, but I was looking online one day to see if I could get them online. I was aware that Optical Express* have stores around the country and online, but one thing I wasn't aware of, was that Optical Express stock designer sunglasses aswell as prescription glasses. Here is a link to the sunglasses that I came across on the Optical Express website that are my fave! (I have decided I'm going to invest!)

Optical Express was not one I would have initially thought of when it came to buying sunglasses, but they do in fact have a wide range of designer sunglasses in both their stores in Ireland and the UK and online (Ireland- Optical Express and UK- Optical Express). Their prices are also quite competitive and they offer free delivery to both Ireland and the UK.

I have always been wary of buying sunglasses from the likes of high-street stores, which claim to have 100% UV protection. At least with designer sunglasses, you are getting what you pay for- guaranteed UV protection for your eyes.

Do you feel the same about designer sunglasses? Have you invested in some Ray Bans? Which are your favourite?

Did you know you can buy designer sunglasses from Optical Express? Let me know!