Saturday, 30 June 2012

Collective Haul

Hello, Me again!

"Will I, Won't I?".......
                        .........These were my thoughts on whether I should blog my recent purchases to you all, and if you're reading this, it means I have!

Since breaking for the Summer from College/University, I have been doing some shopping, naturally! I long for the summer days where I can go shopping freely and have no other ties. So I decided to take advantage of these days and do a spot of shopping! As I always say, "don't put off 'till tomorrow, what you can do today", so I'm not one to hang around and say "I'll do it next week". Any day off I had, I took, and went shopping, as you never know what'll happen tomorrow! (I understand I am rambling.. Sorry! On to the interesting bits!..)

This haul is a collective one, which contains pieces I have collected over the last couple of weeks!

First up are some H&M earrings. Would you believe it that his is the first piece of jewellery I have bought from H&M, ever! Where have I been?! I was drawn to them by their turquoise stone. I think the turquoise, gold and brown go really well together. I hope to wear these with a maxi dress or with any outfit, this summer! They also only cost €4.95, bargain!

While in H&M I also found a cute pair of sandles for summer, which were on sale also. They came in black, green and white,and I chose the white! It was between the white and the black, as I wanted a pair of comfy sandles that would go with most things, so I left the green. Then the decision to choose between black or white, but I went with white, rather than a dull black pair! I am just a bit dubious about how long they'll stay clean, but I'll try my best! They have a back panel with some support. They were reduced from €19.95 to €7, which was quite a bargain! You'd pay that in Penneys and I am hoping they will be more comfortable! Here is the link to them on the website, where it still says they are €19.95?! But definitely check in your nearest store as they are reduced. I spotted them reduced in two separate stores! ;) I will definitely be going into H&M next time I am out! It has come on in my opinion, as I never foundanything nice in there before! Go you H&M!! Great bargains to be had!

With the hope of getting away this summer, I thought it wise to purchase a sun protectant for my lips. I think we all tend to forget about the sun damage that is done to our lips. We all go out and buy an expensive foundation or moisturiser, for our faces, with a high SPF and our bodies alike,  but forget about our lips. This one I picked up was on offer in my local Boots, and has an SPF 30. Here it is on the UK site. I am pleased to report that it is a clear balm stick, which comes out clear. It is not a white chalky stick, like I remember using as a child on holidays! It also was €2.75 in Boots, which is good value! I think I might go in and buy another, and throw one in my beach bag and handbag!

Also in Boots I picked up more lip products! You may gather after reading this that I have been lip obsessed lately and have been into buying lots of lip products! I purchased this next lipstick, without reading any reviews on it. I was browsing in Boots, one day, passing time (dangerous for me!) and found myself looking through the Natural Collection stand in Boots. This lipstick is one from the Moisture Shine range and is called Pink Orchid. It is a really pretty pearl pink, and goes really well with a tan! It cost €3.09. I know the packaging on Natural Collection can be quite cheap looking but I think for the product you can get, it is worth the "naff" white packaging in your makeup bag!      

After hearing Zoella (a.k.a Zoe) share her love for the more orange or coral coloured lipsticks I decided I had to get one! This next lipstick, by No7 in Boots, I purchased with my €7.50 off voucher. It is in the Stay Perfect range, shade 75, Gay Geranium and cost approx €5 something, with the voucher off. I have never bought a No7 lipstick before, but these are so moisturising and creamy to put on (should I say, glide on!) I really love the coral/orange colour for summer! I have even been channeling it on my nails! You should go check out this range of lipsticks by No7, as I really recommend them! I think I will be buying some more!

A final purchase I have from Boots is a Hawaiian Tropic, Protective Dry Spray Oil (SPF 20). I had to purchase this on memories alone. I have such fond memories of using this years ago, as a child on sun holidays, and I adore the coconut smell. It is sun holidays in a bottle for me! For years I had never seen it, and when I spotted it in Boots a while ago, literally, the memories came flooding back! After seeing it first, a couple of months back, and recognising it, I went home and did some research on it. I had only remembered the bottle from holidays as a child and had not remembered it's purpose, or what it was used for! So I read up about it and decided I needed it in my life, especially if going on a sun holiday. It is a Dry Oil Spray for your body, with an SPF of 20. I purchased the one with SPF 20, which as far as I could see, was the highest SPF they had. As my Mum would say, it is a product to be used on "your second week" of the holiday. We used it more so on the 2nd week, where you have some colour already. This is supposed to prolong your colour, aswell as provide a Sun Protectant Factor. This cost €17.29. Next time you're in Boots, if you like than sun holiday smell/coconut smell, you have to smell it! Check out their full range of products here. 

Next up is an NYC Lipstick in the shade Blue Rose. I had heard a lot about this lipstick recently and how it has blue undertones in the lipstick, which makes your teeth appear whiter! (BONUS!) It is a deep fuchsia pink, with blue undertones, and simple to say but I really like it! Check it out, it is only approx €2/€3. I am unsure as I bought it in Superdrug in Norther Ireland recently for £1 something, but it is definitely available in Ireland. Check out any NYC counter, in Penneys or in Pharmacies nationwide.

Finally, my last beauty product was another purchase in which I did no research into! Usually if I see something of interest to me I'll read reviews on it and see what people have thought. This just caught my eye, in Superdrug. It is the Maybelline 10hr Tint Gloss in the shade Forever Fuchsia. It is a deep berry pink gloss, which stays on the lips for a long time! (Not sure if it is 10hours though?! I didn't really count!) The smell is so fruity brightens up any makeup look! I am unsure of the price on this one also, but it is in and around €9.

As you can probably see I have bought a lot of lip products recently, most of them being pink! But it is summer after all! I have decided seen as the weather is not in a summery mood, i would make some purchases, to put me in the mood for summer!

What beauty products remind you of summer? Have you bought any of these recently?

Sarah X


  1. I love the coral lipstick and earrings. They are so pretty. x

  2. Thank you. Yeah I recently wore the earrings with a black peplum top and skinny jeans and heals on a night out, and they really added a little something to the outfit! I really really like them, and were quite the bargain!
    And the lipstick also is really nice. Keep and eye out for a FOTD featuring it! ;)

    Thanks for reading!