Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Disappointing Products

Usually I'm quite lucky with products. By that I mean, I usually get along with most beauty products, as I have done the research prior to purchase. I spent quite a considerable amount of time reading reviews from my fellow Beauty Bloggers, and trust what they say. I try and make sure, that a product is suitable for my skin, is what I'm looking for, and does its' job, before purchasing, so hence I am happy with most beauty purchases!

But there is always one! (in this case two!!)

  • Simple's Eye Makeup Remover

I bought this makeup remover, as it claims to be 'kind to eyes', has 'no perfume/colour' and is suitable for sensitive eyes. I have very sensitive skin and any vigorous rubbing or friction, results in a red face! My eyes are no exception. I had tried the Simple skincare range before, i.e. the face wash etc. and it worked for me as a gentle wash, so I decided to purchase the Eye Makeup Remover. But unfortunately the experience I had was not what I had expected.
                Upon use I had a bad reaction with this product. I did as I was meant to, applied it to a cotton pad, and placed it on my eye and gently rubbed it in. But immediately it didn't feel right. I felt a burning in my eye. Some of the excess product had gotten into my eye and was burning and stinging my eyes :-( . My eyes went  slightly red and began welling up!
                After wiping my eyes clean with water, the stinging persisted. At this stage, perhaps 5 minutes later, they began streaming with water! After trying to clean my eyes with water and refreshing eye drops, the burning did stop.

I was so disappointed  in this product, as it had many things going for it- easy application etc. , but it didn't work for me. I'm not sure is it just my 'extra' sensitive eyes, or this particular bottle, but it's not for me.

After asking for some advice from my fellow bbloggers (beauty bloggers) on Twitter, Elaine from Bespoke Beauty recommended Toleriane from La Roche-Posay, so that has been a purchase I have made in the last few days. Hopefully I have more luck with that product!

  • 'The Wave' Neutrogena 

I purchased this some months back, as a cleanser, but unfortunately this product has not produced results for  me. I found the small cotton pad didn't foam up, when I wet it. While rubbing it on my face, I didn't find it did anything for my skin, and didn't foam up on my skin. After wetting my skin and the pad again, and trying to get the pad to foam up, but nothing worked. I didn't find it gave my skin a thorough clean. I was won over by the TV commercial, but when I bought it, it didn't do the job. I have tried this many times with the pads that were included in the pack, but it has never produced results for me. Such a shame as I had high expectations for this!

Have you had an experience similar to mine, with either of these products? Please share your experiences!



  1. I had the exact same reaction to the simple eye makeup remover. It's so upsetting as simple stuff is usually amazing!

    1. Really? I'm glad someone had it too and it wasn't just me! But it is a shame, as any other product I have tried from Simple has worked fine for me. Thanks for stopping by! X