Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Favourites!

These are the products I have been loving using during the month of July...

If you are not aware of what monthly favourites are, basically at the end of each month, you discuss what products you have been loving using during the month. Some of them may be new finds, others old faves!

This month I have been enjoying a variety of products, from beauty to fitness and lifestyle.

Estée Lauder- Perfectly Clean Foaming Cleanser
  • I think I have found a cleanser that really works for my skin. This particular one was a sample from a gift bag I bought and is for Normal/Combination Skin. I just wet my face slightly, apply this cleanser, let it foam up, work it into my face and leave it for a few minutes. Then I remove it with a damp muslin cloth and it literally slides off my face. I also feel that if you 'work' it into your face, it thoroughly cleans out your pores, and they are makeup free, leaving your skin to 'breath'. Result!

The Body Shop- Shea Beautifying Oil*
  • This is one of the beautifying oils from The Body Shop. It is a lightweight dry oil that can be used on the face, body and hair. So far I have only used this on the ends of my hair really, to just give the ends a bit of nourishment, and it really works wonders. I find that after using it my hair is soft and silky and really thanks me for it! I also put a light layer of it on my body after a bath/shower. The smell from this one is beautiful!

The Body Shop- Body Massager and Spa Fit Toning Massage Oil
  • I have been loving use this combination together after my bath. Using a body scrub of choice I massage the scrub in using the handheld massager. I apply the toning massage oil  and rub it into my skin in circular motions. The smell is the beautiful and fresh, and also smells of yummy citrus fruits, bonus! I have been really into using these products for the perfect toned summer skin.

NYC- 'Blue Rose' Lipstick

  • This lipstick, which I only recently bought and was featured in my previous haul, has been a staple for me this summer. I love the deep fuchsia colour and really glams up your look, on a night out! The blue undertones in this lipstick make your teeth appear whiter. BONUS! :)

AVON- Sleeptherapy Pillow Mist
  • This is a pillow mist which you are meant to spray on your pillow! (Would you have guessed?!!) I use this on my pillow and on my bed linen. I'm unsure as to whether I get a better nights sleep when I use this, but I sorely use it for the smell. It is AMAZING! I could literally spray all over me, every day! It is approx. €6, but Avon do have special offers on this range quite often, and I think I got mine for €3! Another bonus is that the smell lasts for numerous nights, with only a few sprays. I have this bottle over 6months now and am probably only half way through!

That's it guys for my July Favourites! 
Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you think!

Sarah X


  1. great faves! the lipsticks look gorgeous, following :) xxx

    1. Thank you! Yeah I really like it, really moisturising for a really cheap lipstick!
      Thank you! <3

  2. i love the smell of the avon sleeptherapy mist. it's divine.x

    1. Isn't it so yummy! I am so tempted to spray it on clothes! Have you ever tried that? Love the smell though, a fave of mine! X

  3. That massage mitt looks amazing! Probably great for the dreaded cellulite :D


    1. Yeah it really is! It's actually a massager and is suggested to use to tone up your skin. I use it on my stomach and on the upper legs! Would be very good for cellulite I'm sure also! Have you tried it?