Wednesday, 22 October 2014

NEW: Urban Decay Collection

I've tried many different products from Urban Decay's collections over the years and the quality is fantastic! But after looking at this new collection, I realised I hadn't ever tried any of their mascaras before! I particularly love their Naked Palette and their 24/7 Gel Eyeliners. I've used both these products in nearly all of my makeup tutorials here on my blog.
Urban Decay¦ Perversion Mascara* €21/£17

BIGGER. BLACKER. BADDER. These three words describe this mascara in it's simplest form! This is a lengthening and volumising mascara and comes in a really dark black shade- exactly what I love! I often find it hard to take my makeup from day to night if I'm leaving work and going straight out to a party or an event. It's simple to apply some lipstick etc. which really helps, but you're mascara can get 'dry' and 'lacking in volume'. It's hard to try take your mascara off and apply some fresh mascara without removing your eyeshadow. It's also messy applying 'new', 'fresh' mascara over your old mascara because it often gets 'flaky' and half of it ends up either under your eye or on your cheek! This mascara saves the day! No matter how long since you've last applied mascara, Perversion will never get 'brittle' or 'clumpy'.

It's a lovely large headed brush which will give you optimal volume! It glides out of the tube so easily, and it's such a lovely formula. TOP TIP-**You should never move the mascara brush up and down in the tube as that lets air into the bottle and dries out the formula**.

Urban Decay¦ Subversion Lash Primer* €18/£15

THICKER. LONGER. STRONGER. Urban Decay use these three words to describe this lash primer. It claims to take your mascara to the 'next level' as it primes your lashes for the perfect application. I haven't tried this primer yet but it claims to make your lashes thicker, longer and stronger. Urban Decay also make a bold statement- "Once you experience how much more smoothly your mascara glides on, you won't be able to live without it!" I'd love to see if this is true so I'm going to be using both these at the same time. I'll be sure to let you know (Be sure to follow me on Instagram-SarahWhelehan).

Subversion adds weight to your lashes and gives your mascara something to hold on to, resulting in added length and thickness. Urban Decay describe this as a conditioning mask for your lashes.

Both these products are available in the UK and Ireland from Debenhams, House of Fraser, Selfridges Bermingham, John Lewis Cambridge stores and online at NOW!



Tuesday, 7 October 2014

MONDSS: Underarm Wear Review

I've been trying out these Underarm pads from MONDSS* for the last few weeks but unfortunately this review isn't going to be the most positive. MONDSS Underarm Wear is a new product to the market that is natural and adheres to the skin under your arms. They claim to provide a secure solution to underarm perspiration. No need to wear deodorant while wearing these and you can only get one use out of each piece.
MONDSS Underarm Wear claim that there product:
  • Adheres to your skin under your arm
  • Absorbs and prevents perspiration marks from getting onto your clothes
  • Locks in odour
  • Is comfortable to wear

So off I went and I applied these one morning. There are 10 'pieces' in the box and the RRP is €9.99. When I opened the box I discovered that they looked very like plasters!! But that didn't phase me at all, I had a quick look at the instructions (quick being the operative word) and peeled off the back and applied them. 

Now, on my first encounter I did find it pretty tricky to apply them, it definitely takes practice. After I got it in place after a few attempts I was happy to leave it as it was. I suppose it's quite a strange thing to have under your arms and it does take some getting used to. It definitely feels 'strange' at the beginning, very strange. It feels like your have a thick 'plaster like patch' under your arm!! But after an hour or so I did forget I had them on.

Reflecting on what MONDSS claim about their product, I personally wouldn't go as far as saying they were very comfortable, and it does take some time to get used to them but I suppose with regular use you may get used to the feeling.

They also do adhere to your skin quite well. Once you place it down it's actually kind of tricky to move it about or fix it at all. I definitely recommend reading the instructions, much more than I did, i.e. much more than a quick glance! You need to practice how to put them on; which way they're best to go etc. I did find it easier the second time I applied them, so practice makes perfect. 

I would definitely agree that it locks in odour, the whole day I had them on there was no odour escaping at all. 
They also did prevent perspiration marks from getting on to my clothes too, and they recommend wearing them to an interview etc. No more sweat patches on your clothes! They do however kind of feel like a little nappy under your arm if that makes sense! When I actually showed a friend them on, she did say how they looked rather odd!

Unfortunately it was all going okay until I decided to remove them at the end of the day. It is advised to either peel them off yourself or use some baby oil in the shower to remove the small pieces. I decided to just peel them off myself but found this very hard to do. I didn't find them easy to peel off at all, and I ended up tugging my skin quite a bit. The skin is quite thin under your arms so it's wasn't the nicest feeling ever. After I got it off I was left with a red little rash on the outer liner where the patch was sticking to my skin. I think due to my sensitive skin, I reacted a little bit to the pulling off of the patch.

In the name of blogging, I decided to battle through and apply them again, a few days later. The application process wasn't too bad, as I said reading the instructions in great detail helps a lot! I had gotten used to the sensation of them being on but again when I tried to remove them, it wasn't the nicest experience ever. This time I tried removing them in the shower with water and eventually got them off. Not an easier task at all!! I was then left with some sticky pieces of where it was stuck to my arm and I had to go and remove it with baby oil. It took until the next day till all the tiny sticky bits came off my underarm area. Not a pleasant feeling, to be honest!

Overall I don't think after my reaction to the product that I'll be using these again but I have heard other people who've gotten on well with them. I think a lot of it could be to do with my highly-sensitive skin but to be honest they are not the most attractive looking either. I found myself conscious of lifting my arms in case people saw them through my shirt. I actually found that I couldn't wear strapless tops or t-shirts while wearing these as they are very obvious! Especially if you lift up your arms at all! Would you ever pick these up?

Let me know what you all think! Have you seen then in you nearest pharmacy yet?



Thursday, 2 October 2014

Benefit Cosmetics Boutique: Dublin

I'm sure many of you will have seen or heard of Benefit's flagship store in Dublin on South William Street (2mins from Grafton St.). They have been open nearly a year now and things have never been better! I was in the store for a browse last week and a chat with the staff about the new collections that have just launched! I also have some secret information to share about their upcoming collections and events, so stay tuned for that! Lot's of Christmas-y-ness coming your way pretty soon! Here's how I got on!!

This beautiful pink retro bike was what greeted me as I walked through the door! The store is a girls dream. Everything is a beautiful shade of baby pastel pink. The pink and white colour combination fits right in with the 'girly' brand, that is Benefit Cosmetics. The lighting in the shop is amazing, full of natural light! This works so well for when you are trying on makeup and looking for shades to suit your skintone. Compared to your regular drugstore where it's full of artificial lighting! This picture has no filter on it, and it was taken right inside the door-which has a large glass window to let in all that light!

You can see from the picture above where some of the Christmas Gift Sets are stored. The displays are just so bang-on! So neatly laid out and easy to navigate around. The samples of the products out for you to try are great and are kept in good condition. Apart from selling the entire range of Benfit Cosmetics here they have also branched out and offer Spray Tans upstairs in a Tanning Room (Vita Liberate tan), Eyebrow Tinting, Waxing and Threading in their Brow-Bar at the back of the store. They also have a Blow-dry Bar (haircare), a Nail Bar and private waxing rooms upstairs too! You can also let the talented people at Benefit do your makeup professionally for you either! Your one stop shop!!
Here's a picture to show my excitement in store! On the left is a BB Cream they've launched a while back but it really interested me. I got to try it out and it really overs good coverage while being light-weight. It also has lots of moisture- a real 2 in 1 product. It comes in 6 shades so there is a shade suited to most people. How cute is this little merry-go-round stand it's on!? These are all testers so I got to test out the shades and when you go in, you can do just that!
These are just some of the Christmas Limited Edition Gift Sets Benefit are offering this season. I particularly like the look of this one on the left here, in the beautiful green tin! It costs €65, and offers you a discount of 38% (based on the RRP of what's inside the box, or rather tin!!). There is a full size They're Real mascara, Hoola Bronzer, a generous sample of the The Porefessional (a pore minimising cream for under foundation) and cute mini of their famous Benetint! Imagine what you could do with that tin after you've opened it? It could be used to store freshly cookies, sweeties or your favourite makeup on your dressing-table!

The other gift set on the left here called Goodies a Go-Go costs you €29.50 (a saving of 44%) WOW! Inside this are 4 longwear powder eyeshadows, Stay don't Stray eyeshadow primer (mini version) and another mini of They're Real masacra. Trust me, these eyeshadows are not any that'll be left behind and never used. These are 4 neutral shades so are so ideal for wearing anytime! Getting bang for your buck there!!
Here's one of their cabinets full of cosmetics and gift sets for Christmas! So many choices and suited to all budgets, no matter how big or small!!

Have you been to Benefit's Boutique in Dublin before? I'd really recommend going in to check it out and maybe sneaking a little purchase in too! You're worth it ;-)