Thursday, 16 August 2012

Beauty Swap with Mel! (PART 1)

A Brief Intro..

Awhile back, over a month now, I posted a tweet on my Twitter page HERE, looking for anyone interested in doing a beauty swap. I live in Ireland and a lot of beauty products that are UK based, cannot be got here. There were some brands in particular I had been wanting to try out for some time and I thought, why not do a swap with someone and let them try some of our Irish goodies also!

So I got a response from a girl called Melanie, whom I did not previously know. I was so thrilled to get a response. We talked over and back on twitter for some time and arranged to go ahead with the swap.

Melanie lives in Scotland and has a YouTube channel and has just recently qualified as a makeup artist. (Congratulations Mel!) She is very good at what she does and brings her personality into all her videos, which I love! You should definitely check out her channel!

(On a side note I am going to do this swap in 2 parts, as the lovely Mel sent me quite a few things, and in my opinion is too much for 1 Blog Post!) 

You guys should definitely check out Melanie- 
YouTube- HERE
Facebook page- HERE
Twitter page- HERE         
Instagram- @melwrightmua                  

On with the Swap..

Here is the little bag full of goodies and a card also!

All the products I was sent.

  1. MUA- Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette

I was excited to use this as it is a dupe for the Naked Palette, which I already have. MUA is a really affordable makeup brand which is stocked in Superdrug in the UK and in Northern Ireland. I have tried some of the single MUA eyeshadows in the past and find them really pigmented but I have never got to try this. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS- There are no matte shades and the darker shades are more pigmented than the lighter shades, but I do really like the palette and am looking forward to testing it against my Naked Palette!

       2. Glam Republic- Illusion Eyes¦ Eyeliner Appliqués

I have never heard of these before or seen anything like them, but am super excited to try them out. I love the idea as it means no smudged eyeliner! I believe you can get them in Superdrug, but again, not possible for me to get hold of them, so a good choice by Melanie!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS- Looking forward to trying these out, on my next night out.

      3. Look Beauty- Loud Lips¦ Tangerine Cream (Shade 2)

This lipstick is exactly how I imagined it to be. I had read about on some blogs and I have been looking for a  peachy-coral-tangerine colour to wear on a fresh summery day and I'm really excited to use this. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS- I will team this with a nice light brown smokey eye, on a fresh summers day! (If we ever get one!)

     4. NYX- Lipliner¦ Fuschsia

Another lip product, and one which I was looking forward to teaming with my pink lipsticks. I specifically requested a few things off Mel, that I have been longing to try out. This, I just think is the closest fuchsia colour lip liner I have found that matches my brighter pink lipstick. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS- I hope to use this with my NYC lipstick in Blue Rose, which featured in my July Favourites here


That is all I am featuring in PART 1, but keep an eye out for PART 2, which will be up shortly!

I hope you enjoyed looking through what I got, as much as I did receiving them, so thanks again Mel. 

'Till PART 2,
Sarah X

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