Sunday, 4 September 2016

Antipodes¦ The Westbury Hotel, Dublin

After attending an event in the glamorous 5 star hotel in Dublin, The Westbury Hotel (check out the hotel here) with Antipodes, I have been really enjoying trialing and reviewing their entire skincare range. Antipodes pride themselves in being a Scientific Organic beauty brand, hailing from New Zealand. 
The above products are a wide range of their facial oils, day and night creams, and their hand and body cream.  

Below you can see the delicious spread of treats we were served, as part of The Westbury Hotel's Afternoon Tea. All of the nibbles were delicious and they have a wide variety of savoury and sweet treats, to suit all tastes.

This is the mini set from the Moisture Boosting range, for daytime. It comes with a facial oil called 'Divine Face Oil' and their hydrating Day Cream called 'Vanilla Pod'.
Firstly, I have to admit I loved the facial oils in both the day-time and night-time sets. Facial oils are often neglected by people and come with an element of 'fear'. People often think they will make their skin 'oily' or 'even oilier', especially those people with combination-type skin. But it's actually the complete opposite. Often is the case, that combination-type skin is dehydrated and is lacking in oils, so this light oil is one I'd really recommend for ALL skin types. It smells so good also, something I'm a huge lover of (good smelling products that is!). 

This facial oil is also vegetarian approved, so this may appeal to many of you. The oil contains avocado oil, vitamins A, B1, B2 and D, and antioxidants. These vitamins are very important in the production of collagen, to help with the aging process of your skin (ADDED BONUS!!).

The moisturiser in this kit, is beautiful and light, ideal for morning time before you apply makeup. It's light and the pleasant scent is of vanilla-something any sweet-scented lover will adore. It's 'meant' to also help fight off blemishes, but that's not something I can vouch for. Again, this is packed with hydrating properties and antioxidants.
RRP- 17.91 (purchase here)
Nearly a year on from opening this product, I'm only just after finishing it! This product is called 'Jubilation' and is a moisturiser for your hands and body. Personally, I have just loved using this rich moisturiser for my hands, to keep them looking soft and smooth. It has a strong scent if I'm honest, but one that I grew to really like. It's packed with plant oils (fig and blackcurrant), omega 3, 6 and 9, and vitamins A and C and E. It also contains superfruit kiwi seed oil. 
This tube is handy to keep in your bag for everyday use on-the-go. I used this on a daily basis, and it's safe to do so. 

It's also one of their BEST SELLERS, and I can see why and it's one I would repurchase! It's one I would recommend for people with very dry, flaky, patchy skin- on the hands or body.
RRP- 27.00 (purchase here)

And finally, this beautiful duo! This combination of products is available as part of their Anti-aging range and is ideal for travel due to their compact size. The first product is the 'Joyous' protein-rich, replenishing night serum. Richer is consistency than the 'Divine facial oil', this is a real treat to apply to the skin at night-time. Quite often if I'm home early, I'll remove my makeup, cleanse my skin and apply a layer of this serum, and continue with my evening. I like to leave it to 'sink in', on it's own, for as long as I can. The difference in my skin is just unbelievable, and better than any face mask you can buy! 
It's packed with goji berries, raspberry seeds and blackcurrant oil. These are packed with essential fats, which hydrate your skin.

Alongside the 'Joyous' serum, is the 'Avocado Pear' night cream. This contains manuka honey (and we all know how good that is for us) and is proven to stimulate collagen in your skin by up to 92%. These minis are a great introduction to the brand and an ideal 'try-before-you-buy' kit. They are also a lovely gift to give a loved one, for a very affordable price. 
RRP- 16.63 (purchase here)

If you're interested in purchasing any of the products above from the Antipodes skincare range, or if you're interested in researching about the brand a bit further, check out the following websites:

If you're in Ireland, you can purchase the products from FeelUnique, and BeautyBay. The products are also available in many health food stores.