Monday, 29 August 2016

New Product Releases¦ Armani & Kiehls

I've been to a few events over the past month or so, which saw the following products launching. I really wanted to share these products with you, as some of them have great ideas behind their launch. These are the ones that are of interest to me personally!

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream¦Limited Edition (assoc. with Laura Mvula)

Here's a shot of Mr. Bones and myself in the Kiehls store on Wicklow Street in Dublin.

This year Kiehls have teamed up with the super talented singer Laura Mvula, who has designed the limited edition 'Ultra Facial Cream' for Kiehls. For each tub sold (RRP €54), Kiehls will donate €11.50 to the MTV 'Staying Alive' charity, which supports 3 projects around the world-fighting against HIV/AIDS. It gives me great satisfaction to know that more than one fifth goes to a worthy charity. I haven't tried this face cream before, but am looking forward to trialing it, when I finish my current cream (Steamcream is the one I'm using at the minute). 
If you are in Dublin city centre, be sure to check out the iconic store on Wicklow Street (just off Grafton Street), or in Dundrum Town Centre. 
The cream is also available on

Emporio Armani Diamonds CLUB for HER and HIM

This pretty pink bottle of perfume is the newest launch from Armani and one which will appeal to many! It's call 'Diamonds CLUB' and the bright pink bottle is one you can't miss on the shelves or at your nearest Armani counter. Here's what Armani say about the perfume-
"Teamed with energizing mandarin to last 'til dawn, rose explodes like a sweet treat wrapped in patchouli and marine notes. A dance that begins from the first splash on the skin."

This is an eau de toilette, so it's light and the scent isn't too strong. If you're willing to shake up your day-time or work fragrance, and be on-trend, then here's the one for you or your partner. The RRP is €48. 

Kiehls Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist

This product is a lovely cooling facial mist from Kiehls which you can use anytime during the day, before makeup or even on top of your makeup. It also has soothing and purifying properties, and can be used as a finishing spray that locks in a dewy and fresh complexion. Cactus Flower is renowned for its ability to improve skin hydration, softness, smoothness and overall skin appearance. 
This is a great product to keep in your bag for on-the-go, to help maintain your skin's hydration levels. It's a nice compact bottle in size and it's really sturdy so it won't leak in your bag. 
This product is available since August in Arnotts and Kiehls stores nationwide. 
RRP is €22.50 (75ml)
RRP is €32.50 (125ml)

If you're interested in trying out any of these new launches, be sure to check out the stores I've listed above. There's definitely some really good products being released, so be sure to hit the shops.

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