Saturday, 15 November 2014

Current Shower Essentials!

Now that it's coming nearer and nearer to the colder Winter months, I've decided to slightly change up my shower essentials, or basically what I've been using in the shower on a regular basis.

KÉRASTASE Resistance Bain de Force Reinforcing Shampoo (Level 1-2) (RRP €16.58)

I bought this shampoo and conditioner set about 2 years ago and I've repurchased it on 2 or 3 occasions since. I decided to purchase this after 'ombre-ing' my hair. The hairdresser recommended these to help keep my hair in good condition and to provide it with the nourishment that the bleach removed. I was honestly slightly dubious, with the price of them, and that a cheaper drugstore alternative could do just as good. But after a few weeks of using this combination each time I washed my hair, I finally saw what people were talking about!! A combination of regular compliments on my hair, wondering if I had been to the hairdressers, and the difference I saw made me just love this combination! My colour (i.e. the bleach/blonde ends) really looked so vibrant after using this. It looks like it's been freshly coloured- just what you want! 

I began using this duo each time I showered and then I began using it every other wash. So I would use a regular shampoo and conditioner set (my faves are Aussie's MEGA range or the Miracle Moist range and I also love TREsemmé) and then every other time I'd use these from Kérastase. My hair still looked as good and it is great condition! 

KÉRASTASE Resistance Ciment Anti-Usure Treatment (Level 1-2) (RRP €19.50)

This condition is also a great double product. It can be used as your regular shampoo and condition duo (as above) or because of its thick, intense consistency, they also recommend using it as a hair-mask. It's super intense and rich that it doubles up as a great hair-mask. I'd leave this in my hair for a few hours if I could, during a nice pampering evening. Leaving it on overnight also works a treat! 

The price for both these are quite high, compared to most drugstore shampoos and conditioners, but in my opinion it is really worth it. You can even get away with buying these and perhaps only using once a week and they'll last much longer. You will still see a huge difference. (I wish I had taken some pics of how my hair looked when I had regularly used this duo!) Even with regular use, I found that these both lasted an above-average time length. I only had to repurchase these approx. every 6 months (and longer when I cut down to using these less often). So you do get good value for your money. Another tip I have is to purchase these NOW (i.e. this time of year in your nearest Peter Mark) where they have a gift set made up in a lovely pretty box for the festive season. For approx. €34/€36 you get both of these (full size) AND a free 50ml of their Elixir hair oil. Ideal for a gift for a girlfriend or just even for yourself. You get to try these out and get a free hair oil too! Or I often purchase mine from FeelUnique where they regularly do Special Offers or discounts on both of these! So keep an eye on their website! (Did you know they also do FREE DELIVERY?!)

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (RRP €23.50)

I first bought Liz Earle after hearing so many people rave about it, and that's what I'm going to do here! I love this! Simple as!! (I've done a guest-post, detailed review on Anita's Beauty Blog here so have a look). Quick tip- I first bought a 100ml pump here from but since then I always restock when I'm in Boots in Liffey Valley. I think I've told you all this before- the Boots in Liffey Valley is AMAZING! It has so many brands that you can't buy in any other store in Ireland e.g. Liz Earle. It also has other fabulous brands like Sleek Makeup, Nails Inc. Philosophy skincare, Jack Wills, Dr. Jart, Instyler, Ojon, Urban Decay, This Works, Trilogy, Bumble and Bumble, bareMinerals etc. I could go on- I literally spend over an hour in that store!! Also if you're a Student like me- you can get 10% discount on ALL these brands and so much more with your Student Travel Card. You also can earn points on your Advantage Card- which means money back! DOUBLE BONUS!!!! 

So if you can make a trip to Liffey Vally be sure to check it out when you're there or you can order online at Around Christmas time they also do great offers of mid-sizes so you can try it out for less!

Gilette Venus Spa Breeze Razor (RRP €11.99)

Pretty standard, a razor that has a lovely scent. I went from using cheaper razors and have now used this for years and I would not go back! It is pretty expensive versus the disposable or cheaper razors, but for me it's worth it. I cannot stand sore, cut, or red under-arms or legs i.e. razor burns from the cheaper ones, and I haven't had that experience with this razor! Winner for me! This original pack comes with the razor and 2 'heads' for when you need to replace. 

Soap and Glory Scrub your Nose in it!

I can't seem to find this exact face scrub in shops now as I have it a while but I think it's been relaunched and repackaged. But it's RRP was approx. €9, and I just love the fresh Menthol scent when I use it, and my skin feels great after using it! I feel less congestion and my skin feels really fresh and clean after I use this. I use this exfoliator once a week.

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser Skin Conditioner (RRP €3.13) 

This in-shower body moisturiser is so affordable and leaves your skin so supple and soft. I was unsure about how it would work but you simply apply it all over your body in the shower with a loofah and rinse it off. Get out of the shower or bath and gently pat your skin dry and your done. You don't need to apply a body moisturiser- you skin is so soft. It has a built in body moisturiser and it saves you lots of time- especially if you're in a rush in the mornings!

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray (RRP €8.99)

This Thermal Water Spray from La Roche Posy has so many nourishing ingredients for your skin and I love to add this after I come out of the shower. When you leave a warm shower, it's a great way to refresh your skin with a quick spray of this. It also closes your pores and tones your skin. It can also be used after your makeup is removed- to tone your skin, or when you apply your makeup-to set it. A real multi-purpose product! You can buy this here.

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Body Moisturiser

I got this little beauty last Christmas in a gift set from Jo Malone. If you didn't know Jo Malone do lovely gift sets for Christmas with a few minis in each. A great gift for a loved one or for yourself, to try out the different scents. I regularly use this as my body moisturiser after the shower- so luxurious but worth it! The smell lingers on my clothes or what ever I wear that day. You don't need to even wear perfume if you like this scent enough- it's beautiful!

So, these are my current Shower Essentials that I'm currently loving using! Do you use any of these products? Are you interested in trying any of them particularly? 

Let me know in the comments below what you like using in the shower or bath!




  1. Need that Keratase in my life. I love their range for coloured hair but this sounds even better for bleached hair!

    1. Well get it when there's the offer in Peter Mark's hair salon or on Feel Unique! Yeah it'd really nourishing and keeps my hair in great condition Nora.


  2. I love the soap and glory scrub your nose in it, I love using it as a mask!

    1. Sarah I've actually never tried it as a mask, I must do!! Thanks for that!