Wednesday, 22 October 2014

NEW: Urban Decay Collection

I've tried many different products from Urban Decay's collections over the years and the quality is fantastic! But after looking at this new collection, I realised I hadn't ever tried any of their mascaras before! I particularly love their Naked Palette and their 24/7 Gel Eyeliners. I've used both these products in nearly all of my makeup tutorials here on my blog.
Urban Decay¦ Perversion Mascara* €21/£17

BIGGER. BLACKER. BADDER. These three words describe this mascara in it's simplest form! This is a lengthening and volumising mascara and comes in a really dark black shade- exactly what I love! I often find it hard to take my makeup from day to night if I'm leaving work and going straight out to a party or an event. It's simple to apply some lipstick etc. which really helps, but you're mascara can get 'dry' and 'lacking in volume'. It's hard to try take your mascara off and apply some fresh mascara without removing your eyeshadow. It's also messy applying 'new', 'fresh' mascara over your old mascara because it often gets 'flaky' and half of it ends up either under your eye or on your cheek! This mascara saves the day! No matter how long since you've last applied mascara, Perversion will never get 'brittle' or 'clumpy'.

It's a lovely large headed brush which will give you optimal volume! It glides out of the tube so easily, and it's such a lovely formula. TOP TIP-**You should never move the mascara brush up and down in the tube as that lets air into the bottle and dries out the formula**.

Urban Decay¦ Subversion Lash Primer* €18/£15

THICKER. LONGER. STRONGER. Urban Decay use these three words to describe this lash primer. It claims to take your mascara to the 'next level' as it primes your lashes for the perfect application. I haven't tried this primer yet but it claims to make your lashes thicker, longer and stronger. Urban Decay also make a bold statement- "Once you experience how much more smoothly your mascara glides on, you won't be able to live without it!" I'd love to see if this is true so I'm going to be using both these at the same time. I'll be sure to let you know (Be sure to follow me on Instagram-SarahWhelehan).

Subversion adds weight to your lashes and gives your mascara something to hold on to, resulting in added length and thickness. Urban Decay describe this as a conditioning mask for your lashes.

Both these products are available in the UK and Ireland from Debenhams, House of Fraser, Selfridges Bermingham, John Lewis Cambridge stores and online at NOW!




  1. I've heard so much about Urban products but am yet to buy or use anything. Will have to investigate me thinks. Great post!

    1. Oh Tracy you have to try some! It's a brilliant luxury brand, something for everyone, and it's pretty affordable, well worth investing though. You deserve the treat ;) Thank you!!