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My Skincare Bag!

I always love looking inside people's skincare bags to see what skincare products they have or what they have been enjoying using. I always end up buying something that I see in these kind of posts, where people share exactly what skincare products they are using! So I decided I wanted to share what's in my Skincare Bag at the minute and exactly what I'm using during this transitional period of Winter-Spring!


On days where I have makeup on I have been using only ONE product. That one product I'm sure most of you will have heard about at this stage due to the hype about it online! But I've been using it for a few months now and have to say that I love it! Enter: Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish-Hot Cloth Cleanser. I've already purchased my second bottle of it! I've been using this 100ml pump bottle for about 3 months now and I'll be starting on my new one soon. It is suited to my sensitive skin and I love the smell of it also (it's quite like a menthol scent with eucalyptus). I massage about 2 pumps onto my face and eyes and it dissolves all my makeup so quickly (including eye makeup). In case you're wondering, I use their Muslin Cloths to remove the cleanser.

On other days where I want a morning cleanse in the shower or an evening cleanse when I've had no makeup on during the day, I'll use my Clarins Daily Engergizer Cleansing Gel. It's a really great cleanser to use in the shower as it is nice and light and slightly foams up while gently cleansing your skin. The smell of this again I love- it's zingy and zesty! 


I'm still using the same facial exfoliator (review here) by Avène and that is their Gentle Purifying Scrub*. I like to use this after I cleanse my face, once or twice a week. I have a review done on my blog so check it out here.

On to exfoliating my lips! I like to either use my LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub (smells devine!) or if you don't have that, a simple soft toothbrush will do the job. I actually enjoy exfoliating my lips as you are left with really soft, smooth lips, which makes applying your favourite lipstick or lipgloss so much easier!

Facial Water Spray

After I cleanse my face or cleanse and exfoliate, I then like to spray some thermal water on my face and neck (be sure to bring your cleanser, exfoliator, thermal water spray and moisturiser down your neck!), just to refresh my skin after cleansing it. The one I'm currently using is by Evian and it's their Facial Spray.

Face Serum/Mask

The next step in my skincare routine is to apply some hydrating serum. Especially with the chillier weather we've been having, I've been looking for a serum that will keep my skin hydrated during Winter and Spring. I have been using Caudalie's Vinosource S.O.S Serum and have purchased a full size bottle of it after I discovered it a couple of years back in a Glossybox. This serum is great as it is lightweight and soaks into your skin within a minute. Literally! (Again I love the smell of this product!) One pump is all you need for your face and neck but I'm near the end of my bottle so I'll have to buy another one! Do you know of any hydrating serums? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter- @SarahWhelehan. 

After the Caudalie serum soaks in, every two-three days I'll apply my Avène Soothing Moisture Mask* which I love! This moisture mask does exactly what it says and provides a moisture boost to the skin, so I apply it every two-three days to give my skin that bit more moisture. I have a review here on my blog so if you want to find out more, check it out!


This is probably not something everyone features in their skincare bag or their skincare routine but I have been using L'Oreal's Renewal Lash Serum on my eyelashes for a while now and it is part of my skincare routine. I apply it to my eyelashes (top and bottom) after I cleanse my face. Honestly, I bought this product about a year ago and am using it every day for about 9 months now but I'm not too sure if I can see a difference. Some days I think that my eyelashes are long and that it is working and then other days I don't see a difference! So I'm not sure, but I will continue to use it and see how I get on. Have you ever used this product? Do you find it any good?


Depending on whether it is daytime or nighttime, I use one of the following moisturisers. For daytime I am still using my Elave Daily Skin Defence SPF45 moisturiser (review here) during Winter. I firmly believe it is so important to use SPF on your skin on a daily basis. Those harmful sun-rays do come through the clouds you know?! So this is my day moisturiser.

For nighttime I like to apply Elemis FreshSkin Dreamy Sleep* moisturiser. This is a new product to feature in my skincare routine but it is one that will stay! Elemis is such an amazing brand and a really great brand. Their skincare is a real treat and is luxurious and the price tag isn't too bad for what you get either. This product has a really interesting texture, slightly thicker than your usual moisturiser, nearly like a moose. But I love to apply this product to my skin right before bed and fall asleep to the beautiful smell of lavender and chamomile. You will wake up to really soft skin! This product is particularly targeted to people in their 20's-30's and provides great hydration also! The smell of this product is quite strong but you will get used to it-it's quite aromatic and spa-like! Overall, this is a great nighttime moisturiser and a real treat for your skin. You can buy it online here from FeelUnique or in your nearest Elemis stockist.

Eye Cream

I like to apply a small bit of eye cream to my eye area after I moisturise my face. At the moment I'm either using Avène's Soothing Eye Contour Cream* or CHANEL's Sublimage La Crème Yeux, both of which are great eye creams. If you're looking for a dupe for the CHANEL Sublimage eye cream, then check out Avène's Soothing Eye Contour Cream! 


The final step in my skincare routine is to apply some moisturiser to my lips. At the moment, in my Skincare Bag are 3 lips balms/protectants. I like to have these 3 to hand. For a light bit of moisturise I'll apply Figs & Rouge 100% Organic Balm in Cherry & Vanilla. If I'm then looking for a more intense lip balm to really help my lips I love to either use Elizabeth Arden's classic Eight Hour Cream or KORRES Lip Butter in Guava. Both the Eight Hour Cream or the KORRES lip butter are great for putting on just before you hop into bed, and work through the night!

So there you have it, what's in my Skincare Bag and what I'm using in my Skincare Routine! Can't you tell I love nice smelling skincare products?! 

I hope you found this blogpost useful! Let me know what you like to use and if you'd like an in-depth review on any of the above products! That's no problem!



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