Monday, 14 July 2014

New: Eylure Launch New Collection

If you are like me, then you probably love wearing false eyelashes for any occasion! The ones I always wear are from a brand called Eylure and my personal favourites are the No. 107. These are the ones I always go back to and wear for a really nice delicate false lash effect, perfect for a night out! I just love the Eylure false lashes as I find them really easy to apply! For the most part you simply apply some glue to the lash strip, give it about 30 secs to get 'tacky' and then apply gently to your lashline. It does take some practice to get it right but, trust me it gets easier! I can now have mine, glued, applied on and blended into my own lashes with some mascara in a minute! Yes 1 minute!! It used to take me a few minutes but now it's become second nature to me!! If you really can't get the hang of it, Eylure have a range of eyelashes that are pre-glued-perfect for people who can't master it, or if you're in a rush! Anyway, if you want a step-by-step guide or some tips or advice on how to apply these, just let me know! Okay so, on to the new collection from Eylure!!

So just recently, Eylure have launched a 'new look' to their lashes. They've changed the packaging to bring about a more edgy feel to the brand and I really like it! Compared to their older packaging, which consisted of black and white, I personally love the bit of colour but let me know what you think. They have also launched some new lash designs to their collection and here is a selection of some of their cult lashes and some of the newbies, which were added to the collection!

Eylure No. 20 RRP €6.99 'Naturals'*
A gossamer fine, evenly balanced lash for light length and fullness.
These are ideal for beginners, a perfect way to start! Eylure recommend pairing these eyelashes with a nude eyeshadow for a 'I-haven't-even-tried' daytime look!

Eylure No. 100 RRP €6.99 'Volume'*
A classic, fully laden style, for an ample, regular lash look.
These are great for filling out your lashline and adding depth! Eylure recommend applying a slick of liquid eyeliner, and a flawless base for a chic party look.

Eylure No. 117 RRP €6.99 'Texture'*
A long, angled lash with a twisty, messed up finish.
These are great for adding a bit of texture and 'oomph' to your eye makeup look! These are ideal for regular wear while also ideal for an occasion, the perfect in between.

Eylure No. 120 RRP €6.99 'Definition'*
A super spikey style with teased tips, for a look filled with attitude.
I've worn these ones in the past also, really like these ones!

Eylure No. 140 RRP €6.99 'Exaggerate'*
A very full and sleek lash with an emphasis on the outer edge.
These lashes are by far the most extravagant! They would be ideal to wear on a big night out where you'd make a real statement! These would also be perfect for a fancy dress or at a festival!

Eylure Prolash Individuals RRP €7.99*
Knot free multi length lash flares, great for a customised look.
This pack has everything you need- some short length individual lashes, medium length and long length ones too! These individual lashes are there if you just want to apply a little volume and 'oomph' to the outer corner of your lashes or anywhere you like! Simple take them off with tweezers (it makes it much easier for the individual ones) and apply a little glue and then apply the lash to your own lashline.

If you want to get your hands on the newly designed collection, it's available NOW! Stockists include Sam McCauley Chemists, McCabes Pharmacy, Shaws Department Stores, Cara Pharmacy, Mulligans Pharmacy, Healthwise and independent pharmacies nationwide.

I'm really a big fan of the new collection, especially the packaging! Let me know what you think! I'm looking forward to trying out these lashes, I'll be sure to wear them next time I'm off to an event or on a night out! Or even the more natural ones more regularly! Be sure to tweet me any pictures of you if you buy them or even better-you wearing them!! I'd love to see that! Check out the website here for more information on the products and their new launches!



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