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Mid-Summer Favourites!

The weather we've had in Ireland lately is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G with temperatures of 25°C-30°C. This beautiful weather makes people much happier but one thing that is not happy is my bank balance! I've found that I've made a few too many online orders, but this then means that I have found some little gems. This is why I've decided to do my Mid-Summer Favourites. Although it is only mid-July, I have found some beauty items that I wanted to share with you all!

I am celebrating quite an important birthday next Wednesday the 17th of July, so I've been doing some shopping online, looking for a dress, and some new beauty treats! You are only 21 once, eh??!! ;-)
So here are my Mid-Summer Faves!!

Elave¦ Daily Skin Defence SPF45 Daily Moisturiser
Starting off with bases, this product from Elave has been one that I have used every single day since I got it! I won this daily moisturiser in a competition that Sarah from Adoreabubbles hosted on her blog, a couple of months ago. Ever since I got it, it has become a classic staple in my skincare collection. Elave Skincare are an Irish company who specialise in skincare for sensitive skin. So not only is this daily moisturiser suited for my sensitive skin, it provides a very high SPF which is personally what makes this product a winner for me. SPF45 in a daily moisturiser is brilliant and for this reason, I've been using it every day. You need to wear a moisturiser with a high SPF every day, no matter where you are living/whether it is sunny or not. The harmful rays from the sun (which cause sun damage to your skin, aging and increase your risk of skin cancer) penetrate through, even on the cloudiest of days.

With the beautiful weather and hot sunny days we've been having in Ireland lately, I have been going without foundation on many occasions. On these days, I will often just apply this moisturiser and let my skin breathe. Not only do the sun's rays harm your skin, cause aging and increase your risk of skin cancer, the sun causes pigmentation on your skin, and especially your face (as it's most exposed). To try prevent pigmentation on your face, I really recommend using a moisturiser with a high SPF, to protect your skin. (Pigmentation on your face is something you can avoid, as once it happens over long periods of time, it is irreversible). Pigmentation is basically where certain parts of your face (or body) change slightly in colour/pigment and you end up having darker patches on your face (which often appear like you have facial hair.) So do remember to use a high SPF in your moisturiser every day, whether you can see the sun or not!

This product can be bought in selected pharmacies throughout Ireland and online- here.

Kiehl's¦ Actively Correcting &Beautifying BB Cream SPF 50*

This has become my go-to foundation/base this summer. On the days where I am wearing foundation, I have been loving using this. This is actually a BB Cream, which has a lighter consistency than your average foundation and is perfect for summer. Another reason why I love this product is because of the high SPF it has. This Beautifying BB Cream has SPF50, which is amazing! You know at least that your skin is protected from the sun, while looking beautiful. I have been loving using my Real Techniques Expert Face brush with this BB Cream, to buff it into the skin. You certainly don't feel caked in makeup when wearing this BB Cream.*
As I mentioned above, my birthday is coming up next Wednesday and I am planning on having a party to celebrate. I've been on the hunt for a pretty dress to wear to the party. I have been enjoying browsing this website, which I came across a couple of weeks ago. They have great bargains on their website- from Prom dresses, to Beach dresses to Regular dresses for any occasion. I have found a particular dress I like on the website- here. Let me know what you think, but I think this is a classic, timeless dress. I plan on teaming the grey up with some nude heels or bright coloured heels. 

There are lots of dresses that I like on, but this particular link has most of my faves! Make sure to check out the website and let me know if you find any dresses or clothing you like!!

Mavala¦ Nail Hardener
My nails have been quite weak for a long time now, and I have found them very hard to keep at a nice length. One day while walking though Boots, I came across some Mavala products. This Mavala Nail Hardener has been a cult classic for many years and my Mum raved about it, when she was younger. So I decided to purchase it and I really have it to thank for the transformation in my nails. From weak, bendy, short nails to the below image! (This has been over a 6 month period, before they turned out like this. Let's hope they continue to grow and stay strong!)

Elizabeth Arden¦ Eight Hour Cream
This product has been a cult product in the beauty world for many years also, so I decided to purchase some for myself. I have been loving using this on my cuticles and nails to keep them moisturised and strong. It really is a multi-purpose product as I've also been using it as a lip balm, and on the tiny dry patches of skin on my face. The next day they are much improved, if not gone!

MAC¦ 217 Brush
I have this particular brush for over 3 years now and I dowonder why I've never featured it in a favourites before, but I have recently been using it in different ways! Prior to 3/4 months ago, I was just using my MAC 217 brush with a darker colour for the crease, but in recent months I have been using it for a quick all over eyeshadow look. I have been applying MAC Corduroy matte brown eyeshadow all over the lid with my MAC 217 and blending it out, and it works really well for this. I end up with a soft brown eyeshadow look with subtle edges. On other occasions I'll just apply some NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil on my lid and blend it out using this brush. I plan on buying a second one to have in my kit, to save me cleaning my original one while I'm in the middle of doing my makeup!

MAC¦ Corduroy Eyeshadow
This matte brown eyeshadow can be used on your eyebrows with a MAC 266 brush or on your eye lids. I have been using this all over my eye lid with my MAC 217, for a quick, soft, summer eye look. I also use it at night-time in the crease area, to smoke up my eyemakeup. A real essential to have in your eyeshadow collection. I have been using a minimal amount of products on my eyes in this beautiful hot weather, and have not event ventured to using my gel eyeliner in a few weeks. I love to lighten up my day-time eye makeup during the summer months. 

NYX¦ Jumbo Eye Pencil "Yogurt"
My friend Shawna picked this up in the US for me, back nearly a year ago. I've been very fond of it, but it did take some time to get used to applying a creamy eye pencil, and a consistency I was not used to using beforehand. But I have found some really nice ways of wearing this eye pencil and I love this colour. It is a pearly, shimmery, pinky/salmon colour and I've been using it on the inner corner of my eye with my Corduroy eyeshadow from MAC or with any eye makeup look. I also love using it on its own, all over my lid, for a quick look on my eyes. I either blend it out with my MAC 217 brush, or if I'm very stuck for time I use my ring finger. 

Chanel¦ Soleil Tan de Chanel
This is a pricey product but I really like it and find it worth the money. I have this since after Christmas and I use it nearly everyday and I have made a very small dip in the product. I think this will last me for a long time! Spending €38 on a bronzer may seem a lot, but the product is actually intended to be used as a makeup base. I have definitely been enjoying this product during the summer months more so than before. I applied this all over my face for a slight bronzed glow and used my Real Techniques Blush Brush. It really gives your skin a radiant glow and in no way leaves you looking orange. First I'll apply my moisturiser from Elave with SPF45, give that some time to sink into my skin. Then I apply this all over my skin, on days when I don't want to use foundation/BB Cream, but want a glow to my skin. 

I've also used this with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush as a contour on my cheeks for a night-time occasion. 

So here are my Mid-Summer Favourities! I have been loving lots of different products and wanted to share them with you.

Let me know what you have been loving this summer!!



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